vauss.com was registered on October 6, 1999 in preparation for the Descent 3 release and the formation of a gaming clan named Vauss Whores, who initally played the Descent series of first-person shooter games via the now-defunct Kahn gaming network. Eventually group interest in Descent died down, and in early 2001, the domain was recommissioned as a personal site collective for Kala/Wingnut and her friends.


Currently, the only active sites remaining on the domain are:

Other sites previously hosted on vauss.com have been or will be purged pending review. I do not have backups for any of the content previously available to purged sites.


If for whatever reason you wish to contact me, feel free to direct all hate to orbo [at] vauss [dawt] com. No, I'm not hyperlinking it because spam sucks.


I have none. Most of the pages I had linked are either broken, dead, or haven't been updated in about as long as this page was previously.

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