Yo, welcome to this crap page! Do you like it? I do! ^_^ This is a page for all my stuff in my chibichibi directory on Vauss... I realized that some people have some how made it to that particular directory so I decided to put an index page on there. This page will show all current webpages within this directory and what might appear in here soon or later. The picture up there is of Sesshomaru from Inu Yasha. The picture was drawn and colored and ect by me so do me the favor of not stealing any part of him... or you will die. Anyway, lets get this party started!

Art Gally on Vauss - THIS IS BEING REDONE! Cause like... as much as I like having the little uploader thing... it always goes confuck on meh so I will be makin a new layout and all that good crap sooner or later...

- Between now and then: Forever and a Day is a fantasy story I'm kinda working on between art and stuff. It's about a girl who is the reincarnation of an elf princess that sealed up a dragon lord over a thousand years ago. Very cheesey... yes... oozing...

- Black Dawn is another story I plan on working on. Your typical end of the world story really with the world's destiny in one person's hands. - "sequelness to SoP"

- Sex on Paper - not really a new site... D; well it is kinda... :3 Follows Mahzian Imagawa around as he tries to get rid of a supposid curse while dealing with a bubble head miko and fighting ninjas, demons, etc.

All things on this webpage belong to ChibiChibi-chan,
Sesshomaru is property of Rumiko Takahashi.