Site Map

Are you lost, or do you need some help knowing where things are at? Well, you came to the right place! ^.^

Info - Where I clump together Duo information, my personal information, and site updates.

Humor - Most likely the most popular section of the entire DoD.

Fanworks - We've got everything to satisfy your Gundam Wing fan desire and a little bit more.

L3-X18999 - Right now, this is simply the unused DoD message board. Check it out and meet some new people! :P

Omake - Miscellaneous things that just didn't fit anywhere else. Currently has Duo and Quatre KiSS dolls, WinAmp skins, and wallpapers.

FAQ - Really common questions that people ask. Please go here before e-mailing, to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.

Map - What you're gawking at right now.

Links - Links to other cool Duo and GW pages. Also has instructions for people who wish to link the DoD, and eventually I'll incorporate the Weird Site of the Update back.

Updates - This is where you'll find updates to the page.

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