KiSS Dolls

I'm gonna take a long shot and hope you all know what a kiss doll is... Welp if you don't then here is your chance to know what it is. It's just a computerized paper doll. Currently, I have Duo and Quatre (me love Quatre too!)! You need to have some kind of KiSS viewer in order to see/play with these dolls. You can find one at the Big KiSS Doll Page for free. These do not belong to me, I found them at the Big KiSS Doll Page back when you could get the dolls for free.

Wallpapers with Duo

Have a nasty looking Desktop? Want to get rid of it? Like Duo Maxwell? Then here you go! Below are two wallpapers that I of course don't own like half of my page but you can still put them on your computer... These are 800x600 sorry if it doesn't fit your monitor! ^-^

- These were submitted to the DoD by Demonika. ARIGATOOO!

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