Gundam Wing Your Way!

<Image> - By: ChibiChibi-chan
Relena: *turns around* Oh hi, Heero! How are you?
Heero: *stops drooling* Hi, Relena! Nice ass! *blushes* I mean, nice brea--I mean *blushes even more*...AHHHHHH!
Duo: *sticking head up from water and looking at the couple* Smooth move, Heero!

By: Chef17587
Heero: Your drink?
Relena: yes, can you balance it while I glomp you?

<Image> - By: ChibiChibi-chan
Heero: Wow! Is that Relena striping over there?

By: ChibiChibi-chan
Heero: The name's Yuy...Heero Yuy...

By: Jenna Thomas
Heero: Duo? What do you think you're doing over there? Stop that!

<Image> - By: MingLei Chang
Duo -Aww shoot, where did I put those keys...

<Image> - Sent by Ryoko M.
Duo:*thinks to himself*Hmm...Perfect chance for me to to screw up a good photo.*outloud*ready...PEACE MAN! Hah, Hah, Hah!
Wufei: Why did he do that?
Heero: I do NOT know him.
Relena: He's funny, but...I'd rather glomp you, Heero.
Quatre: He is kinda funny, but he did screw the photo up. Oh well we can always take another.
Trowa: It WAS funny...but that was the last of the film.

<Image> - Sent by Ryoko M.
Dialog by: Wing
Quatre: Wow this new Britney Spears song sounds cool, Trowa!
Trowa: I told you.
Wufei: I want to listen after, Winner. Heero: Hmm...
Duo: *yawn* Christina Aguilera is prettier!

<Image> - Sent by Ryoko M.
Dialog by: Wing
Heero: I got some new clothes!
Quatre: I did too!
Heero: It even came with a free skateboard!
Quatre: Really?!?! Cool!
Heero: What's up with the baggy clothes, Wufei?
Wufei: Shut up! I'm expecting!*everyone backs away from Wufei* What?
Heero: *to Quatre* I always knew there was something wrong with him...

<Image> - By: Greenstar

<Image> - Sent By: ?
Wufei: Why would you weak onnas want Ricky Martin when you can have Wufei?
?:Well I can see wh...
Wufei: Shaddup !

<Image> - Sent By: ?
Wufei: Damn! Weak artist! Finish drawing the strong Wufei! I need strong colors!
Artist-Hmm , what about pink here?

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